Friday, February 29, 2008

The Sanfansisco Eatthquake

It was about 5:00 in the morning and I was getting around for school and as I was getting my shoes on i could hear screaming from outside my window. I undid the lock on my window and opened it...and what I saw terrified me. Then I started to feel the Earth shake. I ran to get my parents but...they were no where to be found. So I ran into the empty storage closet. (Which did not live up to it's name because we never stored anything in it...because it was empty.) And I hid in there and the floor shook from under me,knocked me into the door and out of the storage closet! I must of landed in my bedroom. And when I looked up my window was still open so I jumped out the window and landed on my back. (I don't know why I jumped out the window,I just felt like if I didn't I would regret it.)

And boy...I'm I glad I jumped out the window because when I was laying on my back the house shook harder,than it tumbled to a big pile of rubble! I ran to the mail-box surprised that it was still standing and waited for the earthquake to be over. As I saw people dieing and crying out for help from under piles of what was once a building it made me think..."Will I survive?" I heard a voice,a voice of a person I knew very,very well. It was my friend Cendy. I helped her stand up. She could not find her parents either. We fled for the streets. We heard a voice and it was Cendy's parents she said that she would be right back after she greeted her parents. So I waited...and waited...and waited...but she never returned. I worried about her. "Is she ok?" I asked myself.

I was going to go search for her but I did not know were I was and I was dozing off a little bit too. And at that time I felt that I needed something sweet,I felt that I MUST have some candy!!! I don't know why...I just did! So I stuffed my hand in my pocket and I found some fuzzy string and a JAW BREAKER!!! I love jaw breakers so I popped one in my mouth and smiled. I know what you are thinking "Why I am I smiling,I can't find one of my friends and my parents are no were to be found! So why I'm I smiling? You may ask?" I'm happy because I survive but I still wish my friend Cendy and my parents could be here and enjoy a another jaw breaker with me!!! I saw someone running toward me!!!
It was my mom she told me that dad was hurt very badly. But he made it out alive!!! And Cendy was ok!

"Well is that all?" asked the news reporter. "Well did I tell you the story about how I was on the TITANIC when it sunk?" "No!!!" "O.k i"ll tell you."

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kiley's EnterNet Law...

I would make a law about all my fellow students...and it would sound a little bit like this...

Why should we have to pay money to use the enter net??? All the different enter net companies take you to the same enter why should you have to pay more money??? So I now on the 26 of February state that ALL enter net prices should be the same!!!

PS: This is not a real do not expect enter net prices to go down. Ok?
This is just a "for fun" law that I felt that I should make to get this big burden off of my shoulders!!!!


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thanks Mr.C

Thanks sooo much for giving me the "blogging tiger award"!!! If I was Miss
America I would say "Thank you...this is a great HONOR!!" But then I'm not Miss America now I'm I??? Let me answer that for you..."No". So I'm just going to say "Thanks" Later


Snow Days!!!

I love snow days...don't you??? We don't have to go to school on snow days!!! That is soooo great...we can stay home and just chill!! And that F.Y.I ROCKS!!! Well later


Friday, February 8, 2008

Investigate #4

Before Mr.C sprinkled the water on the soil it looked dry,and I could also see that the there was a combination of different things like there was sand,humus,gravel and clay.Also I could tell that the combination of the things were very loose and not packed in very good either. And then after he sprinkled the water there was a little stream running through it...just like he planed it to do!!! I could tell that after he sprinkled the water that the combination of things was more tightly packed in then before.